CLEVELAND - Fleet owners and managers generally consider purchasing GPS vehicle tracking and management for its increased productivity and reduced costs. Most do not realize a GPS fleet tracking and management system not only saves money, but it saves the environment.

According to a survey conducted among its thousands of customers, SageQuest, a GPS fleet tracking and solution provider, found that 57 percent either had a green initiative in place or were planning one. Those surveyed agreed that more business opportunities require or prefer vendors with proven green initiatives. They also agreed it is vital that companies start looking into initiatives now so they are not left behind by their competitors.

Since 2003, SageQuest's Mobile Control fleet management has helped companies reduce the overall miles their fleets have driven by giving dispatchers the capability of sending the nearest driver to a job and creating more efficient, optimized routes. SageQuest has also helped its customers reduce wear and tear on vehicles and has helped eliminate wasteful driver behavior such as idling, speeding and unauthorized vehicle use.

"The thought of going green may seem overwhelming or may be the last thing on some manager's mind, but the overall benefits can be tremendous," said Todd Ewing, Senior Product Manager at SageQuest. "The financial impact of reduced idle time* and optimized routing alone is usually enough to make a dramatic impact on a company's operations and fuel budget. For example, at $2.40 a gallon for unleaded, a fleet of 20 vehicles that idles for an average of one hour per day would waste $6,000 in fuel costs and create approximately 21 tonnes of carbon dioxide pollution," said Ewing.

(*According to the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection: "An idling vehicle spews air toxics, chemicals, gases and particulate matter ("soot") into the air, contributing to regional haze, acid rain and global climate change . . . and emits 20 times more pollution than one traveling at 30 miles per hour.")

Ewing also said that fuel consumption and emissions make up a large part of the environmental impact by mobile workforces. "By using GPS vehicle tracking, you not only reduce your expenses on fuel, but also make your fleet as eco-friendly as possible," said Ewing.

Jeremy Standifer of Fugro Consultants in Texas, agrees with Ewing. "SageQuest helps us further our green initiatives through fuel conservation and through the timely and efficient manner we are able to maintain our vehicles," said Standifer.

 In fact, SageQuest has helped thousands of companies go green over the years and estimates that, with Mobile Control's capability to monitor idling time and suggest the quickest, most suitable route to a job or customer call, it has helped customers save more than 6 million gallons of gasoline and 32,000 tons of greenhouse gases. If 32,000 tons of greenhouse gases was emitted into the air, it would be equivalent to planting 160,000 trees to offset the environmental impact.  


Some Cool Simple Green Equivalencies

  • One ton of carbon dioxide is equivalent to the emissions from 103 gallons of gasoline consumed.
  • One ton of carbon dioxide is equivalent to the emissions of almost 38 propane tanks burned at a barbeque.
  • For every one ton of carbon dioxide emitted from one vehicle, you would have to plant 5 trees to offset the environmental impact.
  • One metric ton of emissions is equivalent to driving 2,500 miles. If we apply this data to the recently calculated savings of 80 million miles provided by Mobile Control, it would translate into savings of 32,000 tons of greenhouse gases (or 64 million pounds).

Free Whitepaper

 SageQuest is now offering a free whitepaper as part of its initiative to enhance awareness of the simplicity to go green. It describes the business benefits of going green including: why companies should consider going green, how SageQuest supports green initiatives and how to effectively execute a green initiative for their fleet. SageQuest now also provides a Carbon Footprint Report as part of its fleet tracking and management product, Mobile Control. To download a copy of the whitepaper or for more information, go to or call (888) 837-7243.

About SageQuest
SageQuest LLC provides proven GPS fleet tracking and management solutions that improve the efficiency and productivity of mobile workers for delivery, construction, field service, utility, cable and broadband companies throughout North America. SageQuest's Mobile Control compliments workforce management tools to provide real-time insight into technician and vehicle activity, providing actionable decision-making information for dispatchers, supervisors and executives. Mobile Control is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution which helps customers minimize their upfront capital investment. For more information about SageQuest, visit, or call 888.837.7243.