SAN DIEGO --- Basketball superstar Shaquille O'Neal is partnering with GreenHouse, the exclusive microfueler distributor in Southern California and Arizona, to promote public awareness of the product. 

GreenHouse is a green energy company based in San Diego. The E-Fuel MicroFueler is a non-combustion ethanol micro-refinery system that combines fuel delivery systems with an ethanol production unit. E-Fuel is run by Tom Quinn, the inventor of the Nintendo Wii controller and former president of Novell. 

On August, 6, O'Neal attended a demonstration of the microfueler at the home of GreenHouse CEO Chris Ursitti in Pacific Palisades, Calif., to show his support for the new clean and green technology. The demonstration attracted local media. 

Once known as the Big Diesel, Shaq said he has changed his title to the Big Ethanol. "They showed me how it works, and it was great," said O'Neal, who is having a microfueler, which takes organic waste and converts it into ethanol, installed in his own house.