MONTGOMERY, AL - More than $3 million from the Alabama Department of Transportation's (DOT) Aug. 1 equipment auction will go toward replenishing its vehicle fleet, according to the Montgomery Advertiser.

The department plans to use auction proceeds to buy more bucket trucks, motor graders, and pickups, reported the Advertiser.

Deborah Clark, DOT's equipment manager coordinator, said more than 1,500 bidders - including several Internet ones - took part in the auction and contributed $3.3 million to the department's equipment revolving fund, distributed between the nine divisions.

Tractors were among the most popular vehicles sold, bringing in up to $40,000 for the best ones on display, according to Clark.

Vehicles auctioned off were in good condition; however any with mechanical problems discovered during the auction were pulled off the line.

The next auction is scheduled for Nov. 14, Clark told the Advertiser.