DALLAS --- BAF Technologies, which provides natural gas vehicle upfits in the U.S., has entered into a partnership with Auto Truck Group to provide additional conversion capacity, the NGV Global Newsletter reported. 

The agreement will allow BAF to expand its sales, marketing and upfit presence. Meanwhile, Auto Truck Group will have an opportunity to expand operations. 

The relationship with Auto Truck Group will give BAF a partner in the Midwest, a region that's seeing growing demand for alt-fuel vehicles. Auto Truck Group converts vehicles for fleets, utilities, commercial uses and government agencies. 

John Bacon, BAF President, said: "Their [Auto Truck Group] market leadership combined with our CNG leadership will make for a powerful combination." 

"This alternative fuel technology is a new venture for our company and accompanies our truck equipment upfitting," said Dennis Jones, vice president of sales and marketing for the Auto Truck Group. "Whether it be local and regional business upfits or ship through installs for our fleet customers, the BAF/CNG technology is a 'natural' fit for our company, bringing value and alternative fuel options to our customer." 

BAF will authorize the Auto Truck Group employees to install and service BAF's proprietary CalComp fuel system. Additionally, Auto Truck Group will invest resources in marketing the joint vehicle products in the Midwest.