CONCORD, MA - Los Angeles and Houston drivers are "extremely conscientious [and] consistently stick to the rules," according to the results of a nationwide study by Concord-based TomTom Inc. The study sought to find out which driving personality is representative of seven major U.S. cities.

The seven cities surveyed include Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and New York. Residents from each of these cities candidly shared interesting driving habits and routines which revealed their "driving personalities." Survey respondents fell into three different "driving personality" categories:

Diligent Driver - Extremely conscientious drivers who consistently stick to the rules of the road.

Neutral Navigator - A milder breed of drivers who take a steady, "middle-of-the-road" approach to driving and typically go with the flow.

Courageous Commuter - Bold drivers who do what it takes to overcome the obstacles and complexities of daily driving.

The cities were surveyed on a number of typical driving situations including what they do when about to miss an exit, at what point they choose to fill their gas tanks, how much time they typically leave before an appointment, and how they react to being tailgated and cut off. Based on the results, U.S. cities' personalities were revealed as follows:

Diligent Drivers: Los Angeles and Houston.

Neutral Navigators: Chicago and New York.

Courageous Commuters: Atlanta, Boston, and Minneapolis.

Key national statistics from the survey found that 61.3 percent of Americans travel five to 10 miles over the speed limit, with Atlanta scoring the highest at 66.2 percent. Atlanta also had the highest score of the 10.7 percent of Americans who admitted to "curs[ing] or gesture[ing] crudely when someone cuts them off," at 14.4 percent.

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