NORTH LIBERTY, IA - Collective Data Inc. recently welcomed Dejana Industries; Century Oilfield Services Inc.; Smyrna, Ga.; Adrian, Mich.; Valley Fleet Service LLC, and Taxi Affiliation Services as new clients of the collectiveFleet system in the second quarter of 2009.

"This economy changes how we all do business," said Sean Taylor, director of sales at Collective Data. "Companies are seeing the importance of tracking their fleet costs more effectively and making sure they have the right composition to get the job done without wasting resources."

Many fleet managers are looking to adapt their fleet to fit modern demands, and they find that tools like collectiveFleet can help them keep up with maintenance schedules to extend useful life, validate and track costs, and get the maximum return on investment for their vehicles and equipment. "Many companies are focusing on their green initiatives," said Taylor. "Not only will they be more efficient and save money, but they can impact the environment in a positive way as well."

collectiveFleet provides users with the ability to create equipment maintenance schedules, manage inventory and fuel, create reports and collect data on the costs associated with the operation and maintenance on an organization's fleet. This information is used by fleet managers to make informed decisions regarding equipment purchases and retirement, optimum inventory levels, staffing levels, service schedules and other decisions that affect processes and practices within the organization. Other aspects of the system include warranty recapture and recall campaign management, fuel management and cost analysis, accident and claims management and additional functions associated with the day to day tasks of managing a fleet.


About Collective Data, Inc.

Collective Data is a privately held corporation that produces fleet and equipment maintenance management software solutions deployed by over 600 public, private and commercial organizations.  Collective Data also provides additional services to its customers including consulting services, custom application development and data conversion.  Collective Data is located in North Liberty, Iowa.  More information about Collective Data is available at