TOKYO, JAPAN --- Toyota Motor Corp. has introduced plans to start mass-producing plug-in hybrid vehicles in 2012, the Nikkei business newspaper reported this past weekend.

The projected first-year output would number between 20,000 and 30,000 units, the newspaper reported.

When questioned about the report, a Toyota spokesman told Reuters that the company could not comment on future product plans.

Toyota has previously revealed plans to start leasing 500 plug-in cars globally by the end of this year, primarily for government and corporate use.

Toyota is expected to price its plug-in hybrids at a comparable price to Mitsubishi's all-electric car, due to debut this month to fleet customers in Japan at 4.59 million yen ($47,800) before government subsidies, the Nikkei reported. Toyota's plug-ins will be capable of running 20-30 km (12.4-18.6 miles) on battery power alone at full charge.