SYCAMORE, IL - Auto Meter Products launched a new line of products designed to help consumers save gas, money, and reduce their CO (carbon monoxide) emissions with the introduction of the ecometer by Auto Meter. The ecometer is a fuel consumption eco-gauge that helps drivers visually monitor how their driving style impacts their vehicle's fuel economy performance.

Jeff King, Auto Meter President and CEO stated that, "There are many studies that indicate that the quickest and cheapest thing that we can all do to improve the fuel economy of the vehicles that we are currently driving, is to drive them more responsibly.  The problem is, there hasn't been a simple plug and play device that we could use to help train ourselves to be more fuel efficient drivers."  The ecometer by Auto Meter fills that gap.  The ecometer taps into your vehicle's computer system through the OBD port that has been standard equipment on all cars sold in America since 1996.  The ecometer installs in seconds with no tools or drilling required and can mount anywhere.

Jeff King commented that, "The ecometer is easy to install, can be mounted anywhere in your vehicle, and has an innovate E-Z ViewTM dial face that can be rotated 350 degrees for proper alignment anywhere in your car.  The ecometer has a single wire that runs from the gauge to your car's OBD port which is located under the driver side dashboard.  It literally only takes 30 seconds to install this product."

The ecometer by Auto Meter displays real-time fuel consumption (miles per gallon) on both an easy to read digital display, and through an always-on innovate color coded eco-graph which helps train you to be a more efficient driver through a green (your being efficient), yellow, and red (your being inefficient) real-time fuel efficiency graph.  The ecometer offers multiple monitoring modes including, instantaneous MPG, average MPG, Engine Load (Tachometer), and Speed (Miles per Hour) monitoring options.

In an article that appeared in, experts stated that "by changing driving habits, consumers could improve the fuel economy of their current vehicle by up to 37% right away."  The key to capturing this savings is immediate feedback to train American drivers how their driving style and decisions impact their MPG performance.  King concluded," We developed the ecometer to help people save gas, money and reduce their CO emissions.  Even with modest fuel economy improvements, the ecometer can pay for itself in a just few tanks of gas, and will help improve our environment.  The ecometer was designed and will be assembled, programmed, and calibrated right in the USA at our Sycamore, Illinois factory."

The ecometer by Auto Meter has a suggested retail price of $69.99 and will be available in stores in late spring 2009.  The initial ecometer will work with over 50 million vehicles on the road including all 2008 and newer, most 2006 and newer, and many 2004 and newer vehicles.

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