HERNDON, VA - Audi launched an aggressive public awareness campaign in the U.S. to highlight the ways in which TDI clean diesel can help America achieve energy independence. Ranging from television ads to a social media-driven charitable donation, the campaign will kick off a summer-long push to change public perception of the once-maligned diesel engine.

"Energy independence and fuel efficiency are at the forefront of public debate, and with the launch of the Q7 TDI clean diesel, Audi is introducing a viable solution into that national discussion," said Johan de Nysschen, President, Audi of America. "Several solutions for reducing America's dependence on foreign oil have been introduced, but few are as convenient, accessible, and fun as simply switching from regular gasoline to clean diesel."

Not only do the statistics on clean diesel show a dramatic change from the smoky, noisy, and dirty diesel image of the past, but these truths prove that diesel is a viable, ready-to-go solution for reducing America's dependence on foreign oil.

TDI Clean Diesel: The Truths

  • A U.S. EPA analysis found that if one-third of Americans fueled their cars, pick-ups and SUVs with clean diesel instead of gasoline, the United States could send back 1.5 million barrels of foreign oil per day.
  • One drop of diesel fuel has 12% more power than one drop of gasoline.
  • TDI clean diesel engines reduce carbon emissions by 20% over gasoline engines.
  • If one-third of Americans switched from gasoline to clean diesel, it would be the equivalent of planting 2.2 billion trees.

"Many Americans still don't understand the benefits clean diesel provides," said Scott Keogh, Chief Marketing Officer, Audi of America. "That's why Audi developed an intensive campaign to spread the truth about TDI technology. Central to our message is this point: With far lower carbon emissions and far better fuel efficiency than gasoline, it can truly be said that diesel is no longer a dirty word."

Launching today, the Audi multimedia campaign to educate America about the benefits of TDI clean diesel includes advertisements at fuel pumps around the country, a television advertisement, a "Truth in Diesel" viral video and a Facebook Cause campaign in support of reducing carbon emissions. To check out the campaign and learn the truth about TDI clean diesel, check out audiusa.com/tdi. Download the new "Di*sel | It's No Longer A Dirty Word" Audi TDI ad here.

To drive the TDI message online, Audi is also launching "Truth in Diesel," a viral video that emphasizes the need for America to achieve energy independence. Starting 30 years ago with the oil crisis of 1979, the video provides historical context around the nation's ongoing struggle to break free from foreign oil. The simple solution = clean diesel. The video has been seeded on various online video sites.

Check out "Truth in Diesel" on YouTube shown below:


Stressing its commitment to reducing emissions, Audi is making a donation to help support the first project in The Nature Conservancy's voluntary carbon offset program. Through The Nature Conservancy's Facebook Cause, Audi hopes to spread the word about reducing carbon emissions. For every Facebook user who joins the cause, Audi will donate $1 to The Nature Conservancy's voluntary carbon offset program. To join the cause and for more information about this initiative visit causes.com/natureconservancy.