ORLANDO, FL – Tight budgets and dwindling property tax revenues are creating pressure to look into merging two of Central Florida's largest fire departments: Orlando and Orange County, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

In comparing the two departments, the Sentinel reported the following data:


  • Orlando: $73 million.
  • Orange County: $188 million.

Fire Stations

  • Orlando: 17.
  • Orange County: 42.


  • Orlando: 518 sworn firefighters and 69 support staffers.
  • Orange County: 1,003 emergency responders and 177 support staff.

Coverage area

  • Orlando: 110 square miles.
  • Orange County: 787 square miles.

Fleet size

  • Orlando: 18 engines, 8 ambulance rescues, and 6 ladder trucks.
  • Orange County: 40 engines, 27 rescue ambulances, and 4 ladder trucks.

Unique characteristics

  • Orlando: Operates an airport crash truck at Orlando Executive Airport, and dive unit.
  • Orange County: Orange took over ambulance transport services from a private provider, and runs a helicopter medical transport. Serves Belle Isle, Edgewood, and Oakland.