PHOENIXThe City of Chandler has set a new engine idling policy for all city-owned vehicles, according to The Arizona Republic.

The rule was developed earlier this year by the city's fleet services officials to reduce air pollution and fuel costs without compromising safety, said municipal spokesman Jim Phipps. It prohibits idling of a stopped vehicle solely for the comfort of the driver and passengers or to cool a laptop computer. However, idling is permitted in the event of a health or safety emergency, or if the vehicle is having mechanical problems and might not restart.

Phipps said the city would provide its 1,600 employees adequate time to adjust to the policy before idlers suffer consequences, reported the Republic. A first infraction would likely prompt a talk with the boss while subsequent offenses carry more serious consequences like letters of reprimand, days off without pay, demotion and dismissal, he said.

Residents are advised to contact the city if they spot an idling city car or truck.