OKLAHOMA CITY --- Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry on June 1 signed legislation aimed at encouraging Oklahoma residents to fuel their cars and trucks with compressed natural gas. 

The bill will help expand the number of vehicles in the state running on alternative fuels like compressed natural gas and also help expand the number of publicly available fueling stations across the state, the Associated Press reported. 

The bill will permit the Department of Central Services to provide fleet services to schools and county and municipal governments. The department will also provide public access to alternative fueling infrastructure in underserved areas, unless a private provider locates within five miles. 

The "State Fleet Management Fund" will be changed to permit money from the fund to be used to build alternative fueling stations or to acquire alternative fuel vehicles for use by state agencies or for lease to political subdivisions. Money from lease payments would be deposited into the fund, AP reported. 

The allowable loan amount for a filling station will increase to $300,000, and a current cap of $10,000 per vehicle conversion will remain intact.