DALLAS --- Allard Research and Development, which makes small to medium sized ethanol systems, announced the availability of two new families of ethanol production systems. 

Available in either a fully automated (EFS) or manual (MES) process technology, Allard Research offers a line of ethanol production systems that provide "mini-refinery" capabilities to businesses, municipalities, farms and ranches, and commercial markets. 

The automated ethanol fuel systems are mini-refineries that produce ethanol in a compact machine. These systems are controlled by a computer touch screen and feature a UNIX-based operating system on the primary automation computer, an Apple Mac Mini. 

Automation software was created using extendable and proven SUN Microsystems/Oracle Corp. JAVA programming language. 

The Ethanol Fuel System (EFS) family of machines uses commercial-grade 100 percent stainless steel tanks, valves, pipes, fittings and a stainless steel distillation column. The units were designed for industrial-type use, but have an easy-to-use touch screen interface. The Manual Ethanol Systems (MES) use the same stainless steel components but without full automation. 

"Today's product launch gives our customers a wide range of Ethanol Fuel Systems that will meet their varying output capacity demands," said Adam Allard, president of Allard Research and Development. "Our forte is the ability to turn ideas into workable products, not only in a short period of time but cost effectively. With this new line, our customers can make their business ideas become reality." 

The EFS and MES machines are offered in 100, 200, 500, and 1000 product models, representing output gallons-per-day capacities. Machines with larger output capacities can be custom engineered and manufactured at the Dallas facility. Components such as the stainless steel frames, tanks and distillation columns are manufactured and assembled in the United States, providing local "green collar" job opportunities.