WASHINGTON CITY, UT – Washington City is one of several cities in Utah applying for a sum of money from a $15 million grant to be awarded by Utah Clean Cities, according to The Spectrum.

The public works department started looking into the option of converting eligible vehicles in the city's fleet to natural gas about three years ago, reported The Spectrum.

Twenty-three vehicles in the city's fleet have been approved for kits for conversion to natural gas tanks, which cost about $18,000 each. Shaw said a fueling station would also be needed.

Shaw said the state grant, in the amount of $50,000, would come from the Department of Environmental Quality. The city is going after another $477,000 in federal stimulus money.

Shaw added the city has agreed to put up $300,000 if public works receives the grant money. If not, the city will not put up that money.

The city projects an annual savings of $1,500 for each of the 23 vehicles. The total savings in fuel alone is $27,500.

"The goal is to convert the whole fleet," Shaw said.