DAVIS, CA – On June 23, INVERS Mobility Solutions, UC Davis Fleet Services, and East Bay Clean Cities Coalition will present a forum on "Best Business Practices" at the University of California Davis from 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. The event includes a light lunch and afternoon tours.

***  The 100 Best Fleets award program recognizes and rewards peak performing public sector fleet operations in North America. The program also identifies and encourages ever-increasing levels of performance improvement within the fleet industry.  Tom Johnson, the founder of the program, will share with us some of the highlights and inspire you to be recognized for the great job you are doing every day!

***  E85
is a clean-burning alternative to petroleum gasoline.  Derived from fermented grains and sugars, it is formulated for use in FlexFuel engines.  Learn from Rob Elam, CEO of Propel Fuels, how this renewable fuel is becoming available through a rapidly growing network of alternative fuel sites - empowering the world's most important change agent, the American consumer, with better fuel choices.

***  Join our host, Richard Battersby, Director of Fleet Services at UC Davis for a discussion and presentation on Improving Efficiency via Fleet Utilization.  Richard will outline some of the obvious, often forgotten aspects of fleet management along with the tricks he has learned throughout his career.

***  Fleet Business Intelligence - Beyond Just ReportingBob Sparks of AssetWorks will show-case what can be done with your fleet data to help you make better fleet decisions.  Analytics in this session will include: 
-    Fleet Performance Trend Monitoring
-    Dashboard Alerts of Key Performance Indicators
-    Automatic Notifications based on Critical Transaction Triggers
-    Ad hoc and Standard Reporting

***  Join Rudy Six, General Manager of INVERS Mobility Solutions, and some of their users for an interactive and hands-on system demo and discussion of INVERS' car-share and motor pool technology deployed in thousands of car-share, rental and fleet vehicles worldwide:
-    24/7 online vehicle reservation
-    Unattended vehicle dispatch and return
-    Automated trip data recording
-    Billing, reporting and interfacing to 3rd party systems

Learn how in these challenging times your fleet operation can increase its service offering and tab into new market opportunities - all while increasing utilization and reducing cost.

Case study presentations:
-    Keith Leech, Matt Winkler and Eric Choi on the City of Sacramento's fully
     automated fleet pooling
program (site visit available in the afternoon),
-    Mitch Guenthart on the County of Santa Barbara's integrated Motor Pool Rental
      program using AssetWorks' FleetFocus and INVERS' Motor Pool.
      (County of Santa Barbara training video:  http://www.invers.com/csbvideo.wmv)

-    Joles Tahara (presented by Rudy Six) on the University of Washington's innovative U-CAR and D-CAR car-share programs.

We will together discuss and explore considerations around the introduction and automation of motor pools.  Should you operate your own car-share program, or outsource to one of the emerging car-share providers?  Pick the brains of INVERS' Northern California user-group for their feedback.

***  What Can Clean Cities do For My Fleet?  Overview and presentation by Richard Battersby, Coordinator of the East Bay Clean Cities Coalition.

***  Kevin Nesbitt, PHD, Program Manager at the UC Davis PHEV Research Center will share with us the ins and outs of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV).  *** Ride & Drive - You wil have the opportunity to test drive the technology throughout the day (RSVP information to follow to regristrants).

***  Tapping into California's Clean Transportation Technology Industry.  Steve Sokolsky, Project Manager at CALSTART will share with us the organizations dedication to expanding and supporting a high-tech clean transportation industry that cleans the air, creates jobs and economic opportunities, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and secures our tranportation energy future.

The workshop offers numerous networking opportunities, complimentary refreshments & a light lunch, and closes with an opportunity to "test drive" some of the presented technologies in the afternoon:

TRACK 1:  "KeyManager tour" - Tour to fully automated Motor Pool Dispatch Sites at UC Davis and the City of Sacramento

TRACK 2:  "Ride & Drive" - Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

TRACK 3:  "INVERS User-group Meeting"

For your complimentary registration, please RSVP to

Levente Fulop, levente.fulop@invers.com, 1-866-308-0091 with the following information:

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