NAFA's 2nd Annual Green Fleet Awards were handed out during the association's annual Institute & Expo on April 27, 2009 in New Orleans. The award was designed to reward those who are not only doing outstanding work in leading their companies towards a greener fleet, but are also improving their fleet's efficiency at the same time. Presented by Bryan Flansburg, CAFM, NAFA's treasurer, and reporting officer for the association's Fuels & Technology Advisory Council, awards were given to the County of Riverside, Calif.; the City of Inglewood, Calif.; AT&T; and the Snohomish County Public Works Department in Everett, Wash. 

Green Fleet Awards were handed out in two categories-sedan and light-truck fleet and truck and equipment fleet. Within each category, the judges chose two Green Fleet Award winners; one for fleets located in either EPAct and clean air mandated areas in the United States or in Pollution Emission Management mandated areas in Canada; and one for fleets located in non-mandated areas. 

Green Fleet Award Winners in Clean Air Mandated Areas: Sedan and Light Truck Fleet-The County of Riverside, Calif.

Robert Howdyshell, director, Purchasing and Fleet, accepted the award on behalf of his department, which introduced two green initiatives to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors that were unanimously approved. The first initiative dealt with the use and purchase of county vehicles and included a 25 mile per gallon minimum for fleet vehicle purchases and an annual review/revision of minimum mile per gallon limits. The second dealt with environmentally preferred purchasing and included the creation of an E85 fuel infrastructure for County of Riverside vehicles as well as mandating all patrol vehicle purchases to be Flexfuel models. 

NAFA's Truck & Equipment Fleet-The City of Inglewood, Calif.

Rick D. Longobart, Fleet Services superintendent, accepted the award on behalf of his department. Longobart led the City of Inglewood through a six-year alternative fuel plan, which focused on the replacement of 143 vehicles and the implementation of a green depot fueling infrastructure. The total savings from these programs is more than $100,000 annually. Future goals include the replacement of 100 percent of city vehicles using alternative zero emission equipment. 

Green Fleet Award Winners in Non-Clean Air Mandated Areas: Sedan and Light Truck Fleet-AT&T

Jerome Webber, vice president of Fleet Operations, and Peggy Gibala, area manager of Fleet Operations, accepted the award on behalf of their department. AT&T's fleet department was rewarded for developing and implementing an alternative-fuel strategy that contributes to a cleaner and more ecologically friendly environment, reduces dependence on fossil fuels, lowers vehicle operating costs, and supports corporate sustainability. The plan includes the deployment of alternative fuel vehicles into AT&T's fleet, teleworking when business needs permit, and the use of GPS systems to point drivers on the most efficient routes. 

Truck & Equipment Fleet-Snohomish County Public Works Department, Everett, Wash.

Allen Mitchell, Fleet Manager, accepted the award on behalf of his department, which has been a regional leader in implementing green initiatives. The department has developed a biodiesel infrastructure, retrofitted 109 diesel-powered vehicles and equipment with diesel oxidation catalysts, and developed and tested the "Evergreen Fleets Initiative." In addition, the department has reduced their CO2 by over two million pounds and was recognized nationally by 100 Best Fleets as the number three Government Green Fleet of 2008. 

The winners of the Green Fleet Awards were chosen by an esteemed panel of judges, which included Gerry Koss, fleet marketing manager for Ford Motor Company; Sean Kilcarr, senior editor of FleetOwner Magazine; Karen Healey, director of Product Management at PHH Arval; Bret Watson, CAFM, fleet manager for Sprint/Nextel; Alex Barton, CEO and founder of Green Transportation Solutions; and Douglas Weichman, CAFM, NAFA's senior vice president and director of Fleet Management for Palm Beach County, Fla.