FITCHBURG, MA – The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago has deployed RoadBASE to gain real-time control over rising fleet running costs.

The Metropolitan Water District of Greater Chicago recently implemented Chevin Fleet Solutions' enterprise fleet management information system, RoadBASE to gain control over rising fleet running costs while allowing real-time access to all of the District's fleet's disparate operating data. 

Using RoadBASE, the District is now reaping the benefits of the most sophisticated and adaptable fleet management system available.  The District maintains a diverse equipment fleet and benefits from RoadBASE's Maintenance, Campaign and Recall, Driver and Accident management as well as cost consolidation capabilities. RoadBASE's unique asset-centric architecture supports the District's complex organizational and fleet requirements while enabling complete vehicle and equipment assignment and preventive maintenance management. Capturing complete asset attributes and fleet running costs; RoadBASE has replaced numerous District databases and spread sheets with a single fully integrated system.   To streamline administrative workload while providing comprehensive oversight over all external maintenance spend, RoadBASE has been integrated with the District's outsourced maintenance providers' information and billing system, allowing the District to easily upload complete maintenance details, providing seamless oversight over all equipment lifecycle costs. 

Chevin Fleet Solutions is a global provider of dedicated fleet management solutions. Chevin developed the world's first true web-based fleet management system, FleetWave in 2000, as well as pioneering revolutionary touch screen and bar-coding systems to make fleet and workshop operations simpler and more controllable. Meanwhile the company continues to market its class-leading 'desk-top' RoadBASE system, aimed at small to mid-sized fleets.

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