TOKYO, JAPAN --- Mitsubishi Motors Corp. in Japan has started marketing the Minicab CNG, a small van that runs on compressed natural gas

The tank holds 81 liters of CNG, which can carry the vehicle 290 km. Compared to the gasoline-powered version of the Minicab van, the new CNG model boasts 20 percent better fuel economy, according to the newsletter of the International Assn. for Natural Gas Vehicles. Carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced 15 percent compared to the gasoline version. 

As a vehicle that qualifies as an eco-car, the Minicab CNG is fully exempt from automobile acquisition and weight taxes in Japan. Available in two-seater or four-seater options, the Minicab CNG features a 660cc engine, automatic transmission and two-wheel drive. 

The new Minicab CNG was co-developed with subsidiary Mitsubishi Automotive Logistics Technology Co.