SAN FRANCISCOPatrick Langsjoen, recycling program manager, United States Postal Service (USPS), Northern California, has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for helping to green the USPS delivery fleet, according to the EPA.

In 2008, Langsjoen's leadership facilitated the transition from the use of lead-free wheel weights for the Pacific area's 31,000 delivery fleet. Langsjoen's work reduced workplace lead exposure by 5.5 tons and eliminated a quarter ton of lead from entering the environment each year. This initiative served as the catalyst for the decision to transition the entire 215,000 delivery fleet vehicles to lead-free wheel weights, eliminating 37 tons of lead from entering the environment annually.

In addition, as recycling program manager, he has helped establish recycling programs at 365 facilities that now recycle more than 12,000 tons per year — generating $200,000 in revenue.