HERNDON, VA - Audi recently began working on the concept of a possible upcoming A2. The A3, classified by Audi as a small city car, is reportedly at the concept stage at this point, but Audi insiders hint at a possible electric version of the vehicle in the future, according to the Web site www.autocar.co.uk.

Audi has unsuccessfully tried to introduce small, subcompact cars in various markets in the past, but according to the manufacturer, the time is right now.

Audi cites the success of cars from competitors such as the Mini Cooper and BMW 1 Series as the reason for their return to the subcompact market.

The A2 will be designed with the intent of offering an electric version from the start. The A2 is also expected to receive traditional powertrains. Audi looks to revive the A2 and offer an electric version in the future.