VALHALLA, NY --- To trim maintenance costs, Standard Oil of Connecticut Inc., based in Bridgeport, CT, has begun using the microGreen extended performance oil filter in its fleet of 60 service vehicles.

Standard Oil said that with the microGreen filter, the company's service vans can now operate up to 30,000 miles without an oil change, dramatically reducing automotive oil use and decreasing maintenance costs on an annual basis.

SOMS Technologies LLC, a provider of engine oil filtration products, introduced the microGreen oil filter in October 2008.

"As a company that works in the oil industry, we have a strong commitment to preserving the environment," said David Cohen, executive vice president of Standard Oil of Connecticut. "The microGreen filter is unlike any other product available on the market. It lowers our costs significantly, is better for our vehicles and is much kinder to the environment. It is a winner from every point of view. After reviewing our test results, I decided to convert our entire service van fleet."

The microGreen oil filter combines a conventional filter with a second microfilter that captures particles down to two microns, so the oil is kept exceptionally clean and can last much longer. Standard Oil initially tested the filter on several service vans and received oil analysis reports from an independent laboratory to monitor the filter's effectiveness. These analyses demonstrated that the cleanliness and quality of the oil was not only maintained over time, but actually improved, the company said.

Cohen added: "Years ago, radiator fluid and spark plugs needed to be changed frequently. With improved technology, these items are now changed quite infrequently. Until recently motor oil needed to be changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. With the microGreen filter, the 3,000 to 5,000 mile oil change will become a thing of the past." 

The microGreen oil filter is compatible with vehicles equipped with a traditional spin-on oil filter canister. It is now sold through authorized distributors across the U.S. and online at