The first set of real-world road tests of the 2010 Honda Insight hybrid are consistently showing miles per gallon at higher than 60, according to test reviews posted at


The first-generation Honda Insight, discontinued in 2006, was rated by the Environmental Protection Agency at 70 mpg on the highway (about 65 mpg in the EPA’s updated system).


Though the EPA has not yet released its ratings for the Insight, Honda anticipated an average of 41-42 mpg. Road tests from various media outlets showed significantly higher results: drivers for Motor Trend averaged 63.7 in mostly city driving; Autobloggreen averaged 63.4 and the New York Times averaged 65 mpg in one session.


Auto journalists used economical driving techniques such as a light foot on the accelerator, staying at legal speeds, and coasting when possible, with some help from the “econ” mode and the dashboard’s interactive color-coded feedback system, according to


The Insight is priced at $19,800 MSRP.