TUCSON, AZ – The Pima Association of Governments (PAG) has voted to back creation of a network of electric-vehicle charging stations all around Tucson, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

The plan, which is in its infancy and still has no financial backing, is tied to Nissan Motor Corp. making Tucson one of four cities in the country where it will unveil a new electric vehicle. Nissan hopes to have its new electric vehicles on the road in Tucson in January 2010, according to Clean Cities Coalition officials.

The PAG Regional Council and Nissan plan to sign an official agreement as part of the kickoff for the association's weekend-long Clean Energy Expo.

The agreement says Nissan would be responsible for supplying electric vehicles to the region; providing information related to a battery-charging network; including incentives and public-education materials; and identifying groups to propose a plan for the electric infrastructure.

PAG would be responsible for working with Nissan's groups; considering incentives for electricity used in charging vehicles and incentives for putting in an electric-vehicle-charging network; organizing local groups and companies to work with the plans; and considering "the lease and/or purchase of vehicles from Nissan."

However, the agreement doesn't require PAG to purchase any electric vehicles, said Gary Hayes, PAG executive director. PAG is also not responsible for putting any direct funding into the program — only staff time, he said.

Once the agreement is signed, PAG and Nissan will have 90 days to to come up with legally binding plans regarding what each will do "with respect to introduction and expansion of (electric vehicles) in the Tucson metro area."

City officials hope to get electric charging stations built into every parking garage, parking lot, and street corner.