TULSA, OK - The State of Oklahoma’s Department of Central Services Fleet Management Division recently entered into an agreement with Tulsa Gas Technologies, Inc., to provide Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified OEM-style CNG conversion technology for use in its vehicle fleets.

DCS Fleet Management is projected to perform 60 conversions to run as dedicated natural gas vehicles for participating State agencies during the next year. Using NaturalDrive conversion technology, these full-size alternative fuel vehicles will be utilized in a variety of state government applications.

Oklahoma’s government entities with formalized CNG vehicle conversion targets in this group include the Oklahoma legislative branch, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma Department of Commerce, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and Oklahoma Department of Central Services.

Tulsa Gas Technologies, a long-time local CNG innovator and the NaturalDrive distributor for Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas will provide the equipment and training necessary for Fleet Management Division’s state Certified CNG Technicians to perform the conversions as approved NaturalDrive installers.

“Forming this collaboration is an absolute win-win for the State of Oklahoma stated Clay Chandler, Certified Public Fleet Professional (CPFP) and Fleet Manager for the Department of Central Services and State of Oklahoma. We will continue to meet or exceed federally mandated requirements on replacement of conventionally fueled vehicles, improve fuel efficiency, reduce harmful environmental pollutants, and
keep Oklahoma jobs in Oklahoma. I am also extremely excited about how the NaturalDrive conversion technology seamlessly integrates with the State’s fleet management (AssetWORKS Fleet Focus) and telematic (Hughes Telematics NetworkFleet) software programs providing a means to further reduce life-cycle maintenance costs and empirically document the performance and environmental impact that CNG conversion technology is having on the State’s vehicle fleets.”

Laboratory results for the State’s “first in class” model year 2008 CNG Impala showed a 75% reduction in oxides of nitrogen, the primary cause of smog and haze in metropolitan areas as well as a 66% reduction in carbon monoxide for a combined reduction of harmful environmental pollutants of 222 pounds over the life of the vehicle.

NaturalDrive design innovations include an advanced fuel injection control system that works in concert with the vehicle’s OBD-II (onboard computer system) to ensure emissions and fuel efficiency meet or exceed both environmental protection agency (EPA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration CAFE standards. Complimentary state-of-the-art innovations also include a proprietary fuel regulation system that requires
no modification or altering of the vehicle’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) wiring, onboard diagnostic computer, and heating and cooling system with a total under-hood installation time of less than
two hours.

NaturalDrive model year 2009 conversion technology, currently undergoing independent laboratory testing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, builds on this proven technology and will potentially achieve not only EPA conversion certification, but CARB or California Air Resource Board certification as well. Enhancement of the injector control technology with concurrent increases in fueling capacity will achieve
standard ranges of 245 miles city and 390 miles highway.