TULSA, OK --- Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor unveiled the city's new "green fleet" during a news conference at River West Festival Park.

The new green fleet comprises 10 hybrid vehicles, including two Toyota Priuses, two Ford Escapes and six Honda Civic Hybrids; and 14 CNG vehicles, including 12 Honda Civics, a Crane Carrier CNG trash truck, and a 1994 Chevy converted CNG pick-up.

The refuse truck and a few CNG and hybrid vehicles were available for viewing during the news conference. The vehicles are specially identified by bumper stickers and emblems noting that they belong to the "City of Tulsa's Green Fleet."

"Our investment in these green vehicles is all about saving the taxpayers' money over time as well as improving the air quality in the Tulsa region," Taylor said. "The addition of a CNG refuse truck on our streets is one visible sign of Tulsa's dedication to our citizen’s health."

A total of 89 vehicles -- all considered to be green because of their use of efficient engines or alternative fuels -- have been ordered over the past year for the Tulsa motor fleet, said Larry Hood, purchasing agent for the city of Tulsa. Most of those vehicles, ordered to replace aging vehicles with high mileage and maintenance costs, haven't been delivered yet.

"Our fleet vehicles include a large number of Ford Escape Hybrids as well as many Honda Civic GX vehicles, which use CNG fuel," said Brent Jones, director of the equipment management department, which maintains vehicles for most city departments.