SAN FRANCISCO --- Coulomb Technologies, a leader in electric vehicle infrastructure, announced the city of San Francisco has installed the company's Smartlet Networked Charging Stations at City Hall.

The charging stations are a part of a two-year public demonstration conducted with the city of San Francisco -- a pilot project to power San Francisco's plug-in fleet and car-share plug-in vehicles.

Coulomb's charging infrastructure is providing the city special networked features that address electric vehicle fleet needs. Unveiling of the charging stations came Feb. 18 in a press conference with Mayor Gavin Newsom and Coulomb CEO Richard Lowenthal.

"Our goal is to transform the Bay Area into the EV capital of the United States, and a networked infrastructure is essential for the adoption of electric vehicles," said Newsom.

Three of Coulomb's networked charging stations are located across the street from City Hall on the plaza. Coulomb's charging stations are part of a smart networked charging infrastructure, called the ChargePoint Network, which addresses needs of electric vehicle drivers, utilities, municipalities, and parking space owners. The city's charging stations have new technology that supports clean fleets like those owned by the San Francisco.

The "Fleet Management Portal" includes such features as interactive charts that summarize gasoline saved and greenhouse gases saved, displays of which vehicles are charging, which vehicles are fully charged, and which vehicles are overdue for charging. The Fleet Management Portal also includes smartphone text messaging that alerts EV drivers when cars need charging, when they are fully charged, and when charging is interrupted.

"Today's announcement further demonstrates that the Bay Area is the epicenter of the electric vehicle movement," said Richard Lowenthal, CEO of Coulomb Technologies. "A smart, networked infrastructure is an essential enabler of this movement and the city of San Francisco is leading by example. The success and adoption of electric vehicles will require progressive leadership by drivers, utilities, governments and businesses."