LARKSPUR, CA --- Southwest fleets and truckers will soon find more availability of biodiesel. Biodiesel equipment manufacturer Greenline Industries announced that Global Alternative Fuels LLC of El Paso, TX, has purchased an additional 10 million gallons of capacity for production.

Global Alternative Fuels, working to meet regional demand for sustainably produced biodiesel, adds the capacity to its existing 5 million gallon plant.

"El Paso is in a desert area, so we chose Greenline's waterless biodiesel platform for our initial 5 million gallon plant," said Carlos Guzman, co-founder, president and COO of Global Alternative Fuels LLC. "Once we discovered that 5 million gallons would not be enough to meet demand in our area, we asked Greenline to add another 10 million gallons of capacity."

Global Alternative Fuels was founded by Guzman and Larry Walter. Both veterans of foreign wars, Guzman and Walter were philosophical about what they wanted to do next to contribute to America's strength and security. Energy and environmental concerns motivated them to produce American grown, sustainable biodiesel, doing their part towards energy security while creating a profitable business.

Global Alternative Fuels started producing biodiesel on Jan. 3 of this year and already has a need to increase capacity. "We have a buyer for every drop of fuel we make," said Guzman. So, Greenline has begun work on increasing plant capacity to 15 million gallons and adding a feedstock blending unit. "The Greenline feedstock blending unit allows us to utilize multiple sustainable feedstocks, including locally sourced animal tallow and Iowa soybean oil," said Guzman.

One local customer -- filling 1,000 trucks with B5 (5 percent biodiesel and 95 percent petroleum diesel) -- is Mesilla Valley Transportation.

"We are so glad to have a biodiesel producer in our backyard and a distributor that blends the biodiesel at a local rack," said Dean Rigg, chief financial officer, of Mesilla Valley Transportation. "As one of the largest locally owned carriers in the Southwest, we recognize the importance of decreasing harmful emissions, lowering our carbon footprint, and basically doing the right thing for our customers, country and our planet."

Demand for Global Alternative Fuel's biodiesel may even exceed the 15 million gallon plant and Guzman sees another possible expansion with Greenline in the future. "We're a big fan of Greenline, so any future expansion will be with Greenline's waterless platform," said Guzman.

"It's very exciting to us that Global Alternative Fuels is finding a hot market for biodiesel in the Southwest," said Donn Tice, CEO of Greenline Industries. "We are here to help them get additional capacity up and running quickly to meet that demand."