TORRANCE, CAWhat strategies have proven successful for your fleet? Can other fleets can benefit from your experiences and practices? The best and brightest ideas in operating a first-rate, cost-efficient, and effective public sector fleet will be featured in the upcoming May/June "Bright Fleet Ideas" issue of Government Fleet.

Describe your most superior ifleet management idea in one or more of the following categories:

1. Fuel Management.

2. Maintenance.

3. Shop/Facility.

4. Staffing.

5. Productivity Enhancement Initiatives.

6. Budgeting/Procurement/Financing.

7. Fleet Management Policies.

8. Metrics/Reporting.

9. Communication with Bosses, Clients, Citizens, Drivers, Etc.

10. Technology.

11. Utilization Management.

12. Vehicle and Equipment Replacement Programs.

13. Going Green.

14. Leadership/Management.

15. Safety.

16. Customer Service Programs for User Groups.     

To share your ideas, please click here. The deadline to participate is Monday, March 2.