TROOPER, PA --- The Advanced Driver Training Services (ADTS) Web-based driver training course, "Driving Green," covers techniques that can save fleets as much as 30 to 35 percent on fuel costs, the company said.

"Considering that the average fleet spends millions of dollars on fuel annually, the potential savings to be gained by using eco-friendly driving techniques is significant," said ADTS President Tom DiRocco.

At current gas prices, an average fleet with 1,000 drivers using 100 gallons of gas per month could save $210,000 annually by reducing fuel consumption by just 10 percent, with the help of the "Driving Green" course.    

"Driving Green" teaches a combination of fuel-efficient driving techniques and safe driving behaviors. The interactive program is designed to improve gas mileage, reduce fuel costs, reduce vehicle emissions, and reduce the risk of a crash.

The course covers key topics that affect gas mileage, including aggressive driving, idling, vehicle packing, trip planning and vehicle maintenance. Video, audio, graphics and animation help make the content memorable, while a test measures driver retention. The course's tracking system logs test scores, making it easy to monitor driver compliance with the program.

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