SPARKS, MD PHH Arval has introduced PHH GreenFleet Driver Training, an online course created by its partner in green initiatives, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), designed to teach employee drivers how their driving behaviors can impact the environment and provide simple strategies to reduce that impact.

The way they employees drive and maintain their vehicles affects fuel economy and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions their vehicles put into the atmosphere. Helping drivers optimize their fuel economy and minimize their greenhouse gas emissions is an important next step in the ongoing work of PHH Arval and EDF to reduce fleet greenhouse gas emissions.

"The fleet management industry has made significant strides over the past several years in redefining 'green' efforts to be focused on greenhouse gas reductions — the most important environmental priority," said Jason Mathers, EDF project manager. "Substantial progress has been made right-sizing vehicles for the jobs at hand. Driver training efforts are a core part of the next phase of this work — reducing emissions by improving vehicle use."

The PHH GreenFleet Driver Training program takes drivers through a series of lessons on best practices for "driving green." Drivers can take the course on any computer at their convenience. The course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

PHH Arval is making these online courses available as part of its award-winning PHH GreenFleet program, which helps companies achieve significant reductions in their vehicle emissions while reducing lifecycle operating costs. PHH GreenFleet Driver Training is also available as a stand-alone program.

"Lower fuel consumption has a major impact on both [the environment and company bottom lines] — and PHH GreenFleet driver training helps drivers learn specific ways to improve their fuel economy," said Karen Healey, director of PHH Arval's green programs.