KOKOMO, IN --- The mayor of Kokomo, IN, is scheduled to unveil the first phase of the city's K-Fuel biodiesel project at a special event Feb. 4.

Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight and the K-Fuel team will use the event to explain the benefits of converting used cooking oil into biofuel. The cooking oil will be collected from participating local restaurants.

Event attendees will include local and regional government officials, representatives of Indiana's congressional and senatorial delegation, local and regional economic development leadership, and business leaders from the biofuels and renewable energy sectors.

The city's new biodiesel plant, located at the Kokomo Wastewater Treatment Plant, required a $65,000 city investment but is expected to trim as much as $25,000 from Kokomo's annual diesel bill, the Kokomo Tribune reported. The biodiesel plant is capable of producing about 18,000 gallons of fuel a year.

For months, Kokomo's K-Fuel Team has worked closely with Biodiesel Logic Inc., based in Guntersville, AL, to build the new plant.