HERDON, VA – Every automaker is incorporating eco-friendly technologies into their production plans and Audi is no different. According to a report from CAR, the German automaker will use the “E” designation for its environmentally friendly products.

Included in the outlook is the E1, which is expected to be a small, all-electric city car based on the underpinnings of the Volkswagen up! concept. Next in the lineup ladder is the E2, a small sports car featuring both gas and diesel engines with three-cylinders and 75 hp that will share a chassis with the Volkswagen Concept Bluesport from the Detroit Auto Show. An E3 is also in the works and will reportedly be based on the aluminum-intensive architecture of the upcoming 2011 A3, and this same chassis could also spawn a hybrid MPV called the E4. Lastly, an E5 is possible and would combine all of Audi's fuel-saving technologies into one sports car platform for 2014.