WASHINGTON – Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) provided 100-percent battery-electric eco-friendly cars to transport VIPs and celebrities to and from the "Green Inaugural Ball" January 17 at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium. Every aspect of the ball was designed to be "green."

GEM six-passenger e6 models were used to shuttle guests to and from the event and a 4-passenger GEM e4 model was also prominently displayed inside the Ball. The GEM e6 "shuttles" and drivers were provided by e-Cruzers.com, and the e4 GEM on display was courtesy of Pohanka Chrysler Dodge of Leesburg.

Driving the equivalent of 150 miles per gallon at 25 miles per hour, GEM electric vehicles are economical in price and fuel consumption. These vehicles also produce zero tailpipe emissions, leaving almost no carbon footprint. To date, GEM cars have been driven over 300 million emission-free miles, and have saved over 15 million gallons of gas, according to the company. They have also prevented more than 180 tons of ozone-producing pollutants from reaching the air.

GEM is also a winner of the prestigious 2007 Blue Sky Merit Award from WestStart-CALSTART.