MEZA, AZ -  Fleet Counselor Services Inc (FCS) announces exciting news regarding industry issues involving fuel pricing, clean air, managing your carbon foot print, alternative fuels, environmental programs and the ability to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

FCS is announcing the industries first green fleet certification program, ( The program, Proteus, will measure the carbon foot print for the entire fleet and, as with Sentinel’s Fleet Certification program, offer implementation plans and calculators that will provide significant positive impact in all areas.

Proteus is another industry first by FCS Inc., targeted for release early in 2009 to FCS clients first and soon thereafter to members of the Rocky Mountain Fleet Management Association. The release to the general industry will follow later. Active FCS clients will be given a 50% price reduction and receive the first full year of support free. On-site implementation and client team development training are also available.

The program will be structured in progressive steps known as Proteus Tiers allowing even fleet operations with severe budget restraints to be recognized for their accomplishments in clean air, alternate fuel efforts, environmental programs, and decreasing the overall carbon foot print maintained by the agencies fleet. The five steps leading to the Proteus Five Star tier will have progressive testing and matched implementation plans. The top tier is the Proteus Five Star Certification and will remain in effect for three years.

Pricing, is still under development, and is expected to start at less than $1,000 per agency using the tier 1 certification program. Cost will be based on total vehicle and equipment inventory, including hand held, and leased equipment. The overall certification testing criteria will include facilities, fuel storage, spill containment, employee training, used fluid management, hazardous waste management, spill prevention, site drainage water management, take home vehicles, vehicle equipment replacement impact analysis, and several other key areas of environmental concern.