SACRAMENTO, CA - The state of California spent $145.1 million to buy just over 45.5 million gallons of gasoline, diesel and alternative fuels for its vehicles and equipment during the 2007-08 fiscal year, according to a new report that for the first time tries to quantify government fuel purchases, according to the Sacramento Bee.

During the period from July 1 through June 30, the state bought about 34 million gallons of gas for a little more than $106 million.

It purchased another 11 million gallons of diesel for just over $38 million, according to the first-ever state fuel consumption report compiled by the Department of General Services.

The state also bought 327,174 gasoline-gallon equivalents of compressed natural gas and propane, and 66,183 gallons of E-85, a mixture of ethanol and gasoline, for $688,000, the report added.

The state auditor has criticized California government officials in the past for failing to compile enough data on what it costs to operate its vehicle fleet. This new data gives California a baseline from which it can measure efforts to cut petroleum consumption, increase alternative fuel use and get better prices, Department of General Services spokesman Eric Lamoureux said.

"We believe it will allow DGS and fleet managers across the state to manage their fleets more effectively and efficiently," Lamoureux said.

The data includes fuel purchases for motor vehicles in agencies, departments and other entities in the state's executive branch. It also includes fuel bought for vehicles operated by the California Superior Court system, California State Universities and District Agricultural Associations.

California bought 42 percent of its fuel with Voyager fleet credit cards from retail gas stations. Another 52 percent was bought using bulk fuel contracts. The remaining gas purchases were made for rental cars used on state business, the report stated.

The data does not include details about aviation and marine fuel purchases. Officials say it took four months to compile the information, but they say they expect subsequent annual fuel reports to be ready each September.

The General Services Department said Californians purchased nearly 16 billion gallons of gasoline during the same period, meaning the state government buys about two-tenths of one percent of all the gasoline used in California.