SAN DIEGO --- Sapphire Energy has appointed Cynthia J (CJ) Warner, a top BP executive, as its new company president, starting Feb. 1.

Warner leaves her post as BP's group vice president of global refining to join the management team at Sapphire Energy. The company is an energy exploration and production company that uses a proprietary technology to create green crude. This renewable liquid fuel, similar to light sweet crude,  can be refined into carbon-neutral transportation fuels such as gasoline, jet fuel and diesel.

“Sapphire Energy's development of a sustainable, carbon-neutral gasoline, diesel and jet fuel from algae is progressing and we now need a top energy industry executive with the expertise to bring new fuel products to market in this complex industry," said Jason Pyle, Sapphire Energy CEO. "Warner will be a tremendous asset as we bring green crude to commercial scale in the next five years."