MINNEAPOLIS – University of Minnesota Parking and Transportation Services has been named one of The 100 Best Fleets in North America for 2008. This is the fourth consecutive year it has received this recognition. Only four universities from around the country made the list.

“We are honored to be on the list,” said Bill Roberts, associate director of Parking and Transportation Services. Approximately 14,000 organizations are eligible for this award; 850 applied for this designation.

The goals of the program are: to identify premier fleet operations for others to emulate, to promote ever-increasing levels of productivity and operational effectiveness through a series of 10 seminars, and to promote pride in the industry.

The University of Minnesota has a fleet of 924 vehicles, including 37 hybrids. Each year, nearly 3.4 million miles are tallied by the 457 vehicles in the central motor pool.

As a national leader in converting portions of its fleet to flexible fuel vehicles, the university is one of the biggest users of E-85 fuel with more than 20,000 gallons pumped each year. Along with its rent and lease services, Fleet Services conducts driver training programs for the university and maintains a full-service shop on campus. Fleet Services is also charged with fulfilling federal mandates concerning commercial vehicle and driver regulations, and Clean Air Act regulations pertaining to alternatively fueled vehicles.