PHOENIX– Universal Tracking Solutions will partner with The National Association of Regional Councils (NARC), Garmin International, and RMJ Technologies to provide services that will lower overall fleet operating costs, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to homeland security preparedness, primarily through use of Automated Vehicle Location System (AVL)/Vehicle GPS with integrated Garmin navigation, according to Business Wire.

"NARC is pleased to work with UTS, Garmin, and RMJ to provide regions and local communities with technology options that will enhance transportation, air quality, and homeland security planning," said NARC President Betty Knight, presiding Platte County, Mo., commissioner. "NARC members have varying needs when it comes to finding solutions and controlling costs, and can greatly benefit from what this unique partnership has to offer."

The Universal Tracking Solutions, Inc. system, sold by RMJ Technologies, provides all of the traditional vehicle tracking technology, but also includes navigation with turn-by-turn voice-prompted directions from Garmin, a satellite navigation provider. NARC members will benefit from the technology and will receive reduced purchasing prices for the system, according to UTC.

Users of the system have experienced a positive return on investment, including reduced carbon emissions, reduced fuel costs, enhanced homeland security measures, improved safety and liability issues, and increased productivity, the company said.

"We're pleased to have NARC as a partner," said Keith Tench, president of UTS. "Their organization provides a window and strategic direction into 97 percent of the counties in the United States. Our goal will be to show how the UTS product combined with an integrated Garmin PND can help solve many of the fiscal, environmental, and transportation issues facing these counties today."