HOLLYWOOD, CA – Universal Studios in Hollywood has taken a major step toward going green by unveiling its intention to convert its fleet of 300 gas vehicles to Cruise Car, Inc.'s alternative energy Solar Electric Hybrid Vehicles. This conversion to an energy-friendly mode of transportation will allow Universal Studios Hollywood to reduce its carbon footprint and combat the use of fossil fuels.

"We are extremely honored to have a partner like NBC Universal Studios work with us to help make our environment a sustainable place to live," said Ken Chester, president of Cruise Car, Inc.

"Green is all about doing the right thing. This is the right thing to do," said President and Chief Operating Officer of Universal Studio Hollywood Larry Kurzwell at the unveiling of the new Cruise Car.

Expected to revolutionize transportation on Hollywood studio lots, Cruise Car's solar electric hybrid was introduced at Universal Studios Hollywood Nov. 18.

Cruise Car's Solar Electric Hybrid Vehicles can go 40 to 60 miles with a fully charged battery, and just driving around all day in the sun can boost the car's distance by an additional seven miles each day.