TOPOCK, AZ --- Applied LNG Technologies USA (ALT) announced an agreement to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Border Valley Trading for use in the company's new fleet of LNG-fueled trucks used in the distribution of their feed products.

Border Valley is one of the largest exporters of compressed hay products in the state of California.

Border Valley has replaced its fleet of diesel trucks with units that use clean-burning LNG fuel, making an investment to improve the environment. With 15 LNG-powered trucks currently in operation, the company plans an additional five to 10 by second quarter of 2009.

"Converting our export operations fleet to clean-burning LNG was at the top of our list of new initiatives," said Gregory Braun, president of Border Valley Trading. "We firmly believe that with ALT's reliability and experience, we are in the best possible position to continue to meet our customers' expectations for feed safety and make a positive impact on the environment."

The use of LNG helps reduce harmful emissions of smog-forming NOx by more than 30 percent and greenhouse gas emissions by more than 20 percent.

Fleet operators report a 30 percent or better operational cost savings when running LNG trucks in place of diesel units. Border Valley's new, clean-burning LNG trucks will significantly reduce the amount of harmful emissions, lowering distribution costs and allowing company vehicles to run more efficiently and with less maintenance.

ALT will deliver LNG to Border Valley's new location outside of Brawley, Calif. This operation began as a 10-acre forage compressing facility and is today one of the world's largest export facilities, using 105 acres and 80,000 tons of storage capacity.

"Border Valley Trading's decision to utilize LNG over diesel is a vital step toward not only decreasing dependence on foreign oil, but also reducing greenhouse gases," said Kevin Markey, CEO and president of ALT. "The environmental benefits of clean-burning LNG and the reduced maintenance costs greatly enhance Border Valley's position as one of the leaders in their industry."