EDEN PRAIRIE, MNCorporate fleets now have a new way to increase driver satisfaction and productivity while managing costs. GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services has developed a product controls fuel card that enables drivers to purchase oil, car washes, and coolant and wiper fluid, in addition to fuel.  

In the past, fleets had two choices in their fleet fuel cards: restricted (fuel only) and unrestricted (any item sold at a convenience store). Restricted cards can make it inconvenient for drivers to get a car wash and/or basic automotive supplies. Unrestricted cards can pose problems when drivers use them to make unauthorized purchases such as general merchandise, food, beverages, or other non-automotive items.  

The product controls fuel card provides fleet managers with an expanded level of control over non-fuel spending. GE's monthly reporting tracks each driver's fuel, oil, wiper fluid, coolant and car wash usage, giving fleet managers additional insight to help in controlling fuel budget line items. 

"The product controls fuel card makes it easy for drivers by eliminating multiple stops for fuel, car washes, and automotive supplies," said Kate Wesley, fuel product manager for GE Capital Solutions. "Just as importantly, the cards help fleet managers ensure that their fuel budgets aren't being compromised with unauthorized purchases."  

GE is the only fleet management company offering an unrestricted product controls fuel card that allows drivers to purchase fuel, oil, wiper fluid, coolant and car washes, but restricts non-automotive purchases.