MINNEAPOLIS – U.S. Bank is offering a biodegradable PVC (bioPVC) card to Voyager commercial fleet card customers. The cards have begun rolling out this month.

"Our clients are increasingly concerned about selecting products and services that have less impact on the environment," said Michael Oleniczek, senior vice president of U.S. Bank Voyager.

The biodegradable card was brought to the card plastic marketplace by CPI Card Group. Bob Clarke, CPI's vice president of sales, explained, "CPI continues to look at all new green material in the market. We were the first to use bioPVC for plastic cards, which has been in development for several years."

The 99-percent PVC product biodegrades in nine months to five years in soil, water, compost, or wherever microorganisms are present. The product performs within all standard card parameters and has a standard shelf life. CPI has produced millions of bioPVC cards.

"The finished card performs equal to cards manufactured on regular PVC as no biodegradation takes place unless the product is in a fertile environment such as compost," Clarke added.

Biodegradable plastic is just one way U.S. Bank works to provide its clients with green options. As another example of the company's commitment to environmentally sound business practices, U.S. Bank participates in the PayItGreen campaign, which educates consumers and businesses about the environmental benefits of choosing electronic billing, statements, and payments. Learn more at www.payitgreen.org.