MILWAUKEE– DUECO Inc., in conjunction with Odyne Corp., has unveiled a plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) digger derrick. A common piece of equipment used to dig holes and set electric poles by utility companies, the Derrick PHEV reduces fuel consumption and eliminates onsite engine emissions and onsite engine noise, according to

The first plug-in hybrid derrick is mounted on a 2008 International medium-duty truck chassis, with a Terex Commander 4047. This hybrid system is the only one on the market that interfaces with an Allison automatic transmission, while the truck's additional batteries power all boom hydraulic functions, including the auger and auxiliary climate control system.

"We have eliminated any need for engine idle at a job worksite by powering the digger, electronics, hydraulics, and even our auxiliary A/C system through a large battery system," said DUECO Vice President Joseph Dalum. The derrick PHEV is currently undergoing field evaluations.

When the truck returns to the garage at the end of a workday, it plugs into a charging station. The batteries recharge during off-peak hours using lower-cost electricity but can also recharge at any point, while idling or driving, with the conventional diesel engine. A true hybrid, DUECO's PHEV is complete with regenerative braking and launch assist to provide additional fuel efficiency, emission enhancements, and extended brake life. These additional features provided by the PHEV offer greater benefits than just an idle reduction system.

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