MOORESVILLE, NC – Hybrid Technologies, Inc., a lithium-powered products developer, took part in the 2008 ALT Expo and a special event held at the home of Chris Paine, director of Who Killed The Electric Car

Hybrid Technologies provided more than 75 test drives of its popular LiVTM FLASH, an electric version of the BMW Mini Cooper at the ALT Expo where it received rave reviews from drivers. Impressed by the power and performance of the vehicle, the eco-friendly crowd found the vehicles a solid solution to today's fuel crisis and transportation options.  

Green Rides, an eco-friendly dealership in Campbell, Calif., seemed especially interested in the potential of bringing the Hybrid Technologies vehicles into its lineup of fuel-alternative vehicles. 

Following the ALT Expo, Hybrid Technologies moved its LiVTM FLASH to a fundraiser event held at the home of director Chris Paine. At event ex-CIA director James Wooley was the featured headliner speaking from Paine's rooftop giving guests insight into the future of electric vehicles. 

Paine has a sequel to his 2006 classic tentatively titled of "The Revenge of the Electric Car" now in progress with an expected release date in 2010. 

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