ATLANTA– FleetCards USA has launched its new fuel savings calculator on its Web site, With three steps, the fuel savings calculator evaluates the basic business structure of each user with 2–50 vehicle fleets, providing potential annual savings when using a fleet fuel card.

"The fuel savings calculator will give business owners a glimpse of their expected fuel savings so they can understand the influence a fleet card management solution can have on their bottom line," said Mike Noles, president of FleetCards USA. "It shows how businesses with as few as two vehicles can increase fleet efficiency and savings by using a fleet card."

The fuel savings calculator is also a great tool for those already using a fleet card management program, the company said. FleetCards USA encourages existing users to enter their company's data and compare the expected annual fuel savings with their actual numbers. If there is a big variance, it is possible the fuel card system they are employing isn't the best match.

FleetCards USA designed the fuel savings calculator using three core questions: area of country, type of fleet, number of vehicles. With this easy-to-follow format, the fuel savings calculator analyzes factors including the average price of fuel per gallon, average mile per gallon by vehicle type, number of vehicles, and average number of miles per year by vehicle type. For more information on the fuel savings calculator, visit