CULVER CITY, CA - The City of Culver City recently attended the annual Southern California Excellence & Environmental Development (or, SEED) ceremony and awards event hosted by the City of Beverly Hills and the South Bay Business Environmental Coalition (SBBEC).

The City of Culver City submitted its application for the SEED Awards whereby it was applicable to their Division, and announce that their Transportation Department, Equipment Maintenance & Fleet Services Division was recognized with two outstanding achievement awards.

First, they were recognized in category #2, Greenhouse Gas/Pollution Reduction, for their work in reducing harmful toxic emissions from the air and our progressive work in the use of natural gas powered vehicles.

Since 1998, they have permanently removed an estimated 125,000 tons of NOx (the brown color in the air), and over 50,000 tons of particulate matter (PM, the black soot) from the air (and much more to go).

Secondly, they were also recognized, and in fact took the first place award, in category #4, Alternative Energy Sources/Conservation, for their commitment, alternative fuel vehicle acquisitions and demonstrating the practical use of compressed natural gas vehicles in real use applications.

The SEED Awards was developed to encourage and recognize businesses, schools and City’s who demonstrate leadership, alternative methods for improvement and consistent shifts in paradigm, related to alternative energy sources and conservation towards a sustainable environment, change-over recycling efforts (home, business, water, trash, etc.) and permanent improvements in air quality.

The SEED awards, serve as a mechanism for improving quality of life issues for all citizens and especially children.

There are six (6) “Environment Stewardship Award” categories whereby entities can submit their applications for consideration:

 1. Water Pollution Reduction/Conservation

2. Greenhouse Gas/Pollution Reduction

3. Resource Conversation

4. Alternative Energy Sources/Conservation

5. Environmental Steward of the Year

6. South Bay Environment Leadership Award