STILLWATER, OK – Oklahoma State University plans to convert its fleet to vehicles that use compressed natural gas (CNG), according to

In a video address e-mailed to members of the campus community and media members, OSU President Burns Hargis touted the “Pickens Plan” that has been developed by OSU alumnus and billionaire energy magnate Boone Pickens. Pickens has proposed increasing the use of wind power for electricity, thus freeing up natural gas to be used more commonly as a vehicle fuel.

In his video, Hargis said that OSU is in the process of converting its entire fleet to CNG vehicles and soon would open a new on-campus CNG refueling station.

OSU spokesman Gary Shutt said the university plans to make a formal announcement about the fleet conversion in the coming weeks, and added that CNG-powered vehicles would be phased into the fleet as older vehicles are replaced.