NEW YORK – Amiworld Inc., an international energy company engaged in the production and distribution of diversified fuel products and services with a focus on emerging global economies, has announced a strategic plan to increase both diesel and biodiesel production by at least 300 percent at the company’s South American facility, according to The company intends to see production more than triple to 100,000 bpm (barrels per month) once the expansion of the facility is complete, expected in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2008. Amiworld will then be able to produce and meet the demand for diesel at its B-5 Unit, where biodiesel and diesel are blended into a 95 percent/5 percent mixture. The company’s biofuels division is also projecting significant production growth from 36,000 tons per year to 108,000 tons per year by fiscal 2009. The expansion contract, worth approximately $8.6 million, was signed by Amiworld’s subsidiary Odin Petroil SA and FISS Project Development Petroleum LTDA. According to the company, the terms of the contract include a combination of stock valued at approximately $4 million and cash installments totaling approximately $4.6 million to be distributed at certain points of completion.