WORCESTER, MA – Record-high gas prices across the country are fueling the urge for car owners to identify ways to reduce their gas consumption. As a result, more people in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are considering hybrid vehicles and the number of registered hybrid vehicles has risen dramatically in many cities, according to www.businesswire.com.

The top communities for hybrid cars in Massachusetts are:

Rank   City                  Registered Hybrid Vehicles

1.        Boston                     1615(a)    

2.       Newton                     813

3.      Cambridge                 705 

4.      Brookline                   438

5.     Lexington                   386

Travelers, which analyzed spring 2007 and 2008 data supplied by the state Registry of Motor Vehicles, noted that the figures prove motorists in the Commonwealth are increasingly seeking relief from record-high gas prices.

In researching the data, Travelers compared the number of registered hybrid vehicles in these cities in April 2007 to April 2008. Boston saw a 76 percent increase in registered hybrid vehicles, Newton was at 51 percent, Cambridge 43 percent, Brookline 45 percent and Lexington a 51 percent increase in registered hybrid vehicles in the past year.

For information about federal and state incentives for hybrid owners and how to take advantage of the hybrid discount, visit www.hybridtravelers.com.