EDEN PRAIRIE, MN – Businesses are taking advantage of a new, comprehensive program called Environmental Performance from GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services. Combining technology and analytical solutions, Environmental Performance, one of GE's first Ecomagination-certified services, includes telematics that baseline where and how each vehicle is performing. Ecomagination is a GE business strategy to help meet customers' demand for more energy-efficient products and to drive reliable growth for the company.

Metrics centrally captured for analysis include total distance driven, fuel use, drive time, and CO2 emission by vehicle along with speed and time spent idling. Based on this real-time data, GE helps fleet managers re-sequence their existing routes and re-assign deliveries to different drivers. The resulting benefits include double-digit-plus improvements in accident rates, overtime costs, customer retention, workforce productivity, carbon emissions, as well as fuel costs savings, according to GE Capital.